10 things for the kids, for under $10

Activities to keep the Kids excited and entertained whilst they enjoy the beauty of Foxton and Foxton Beach over the summer: See you here at Foxotn and Foxton Beach.

Here are our top 10 things to do and it won’t cost a fortune:

  1. Take a dip at the Foxton community pool, located in Main Street, Foxton.
  2. Make sand castles at the beach.  Get creative, build sun shelters, towers and forts with drift wood, make word art on the sand;
  3. Hit the mountain bike track through the forest. This is located off Cousins Ave, Foxton Beach
  4.  Grab a hand line and some bait and head down to the wharf on the estuary. Even if you don’t have fishing experience the team at Tackle Tactics or Fishing charters will talk you through it
  5.  Visit  the full size 17th century replica Dutch historical  De Molen wind mill at Te Awahou Riverside Cultural.  This is one of many historic parts of the town. There is a $3 charge for kids to take a tour around the 3 tiered structure. The will find the mechanics of this beast fascinating.
  6. Visit Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom enjoy an exciting mix of recreation and connection with a special emphaisis on Te Awahou- Foxton heritage.
  7. Hit the skate park. This skate bowl was once home to our grandparents roller discos and is now in tip top shape for skating. Scooters, skates, boards and bicycles welcome.
  8. After the skate park hit the adrenaline pumping pump track.  Post a selfie.
  9. Sunday is a day of family and sharing. Send the kids to the little white rabbit for $10 Margarita pizza every Sunday
  10. Take a walk along Sunset Parade and glory in the beauty of the Manawatu Estuary.