From Foxton beach to Fiji and back again


While the rain seems to be setting in here in Foxton, two Foxton Beach residents are sunning themselves in Nadi, Fiji.  But they are singing for their supper: or rather, broadcasting for their breakfast.

“They heard our show in Fiji and loved it” says broadcaster Victoria Gaither, “they said ‘we’d love to have you guys fly here and broadcast from our resort”.

Covering the recovery efforts of Cyclone Winston in Fiji and speaking with the Fijian Minister of Tourism as well as having a regular ‘Fiji/Pacific Vibes’ show is just one aspect of International Connect Radio that has resonated with thousands of people around the world.

International Connect Radio (ICR), a globally-accessed radio station is run out of Foxton.  But that doesn’t deter Victoria and broadcaster Stu Frith from continuing to see the world whilst calling Foxton home.

Victoria, an Emmy-award winning journalist who grew up “round the corner from the White House” in Washington DC, and Stu, a stalwart within the New Zealand broadcasting industry (Seabreeze FM was his gig prior to ICR) are currently on location at the Sofitel Resort in Nadi, and it’s all thanks to the fact that their radio station is available on radio waves everywhere.

Victoria was finding in her role as a news anchor and journalist (with major networks such as ABC) that “most of the good stuff was being left on the tape” she says “we’ve got to better than that” when it comes to providing the most basic of current events and news information.  “If you listen to International Connect, you will get all the major news items from round the world.  We pride ourselves on being current and relevant”

“We are still a baby [radio station]” says Victoria, “but we’ve accomplished so much on voluntary time”.

ICR (you can learn more here or tune in here) currently broadcasts 13 shows plus guest shows: up to 28 presenters .  The station pays an annual licensing fee to OneMusic “so all artists are taken care of” says Stu.  Music played is seriously diverse, catering to rock, Brit Pop, country, dance, Pasifika and Top 10 fans.  But it’s not always about the music.

The focus is very much on a ‘world community’ feel with ICR.

Victoria says she was used to providing content that was then “boiled down to soundbites”.  ICR provides an opportunity for people to provide content in their own words. Victoria also conducts interviews within the Foxton Community, having being involved in Probus, Rotary and Fishing Clubs, as well as finding out more about Horowhenua District Council’s role within our community and of course, wind surfing!

With 30,000 people having accessed ‘on demand’ content from IC, we should be excited to called Foxton the home of International Connect Radio.

And while Victoria and Stu may be in Fiji this week, they call Foxton home.


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